Tides are turning. The MODs were born. The MOD era meant new bodies for Barbie and Ken and all their friends. They got a new body type, in Ken's case a more beefy one, with bendable legs (click-bends, internal plastic joints). These bodies are marked 1968. As are all Ken bodies until the Model Muse dolls and Fashionistas appear. Some have a turn waist, most stiff torso. Not a twist waist, like the girls, but one that can turn the doll to the side. The arms on these MOD Ken dolls are straight with PTS hands - Palms-To-the-Side. There are usually no visible marks on these dolls' heads but it may be found inside the rim of the neck. This head was used for most Ken dolls from 1969 to 1976. It is sometimes referred to as "Edwardian". Some dolls were made in the 2000's with this head, but with rooted hair, instead of the molded hair of the older Ken dolls.




#1124 Bend Legs Ken, 1970
a bit out of focus... One of my childhood dolls.
If I remember right, I bought him as a "baggie". Too bad the package is long gone.

#1088 Malibu Ken, 1970 - circa 1974

nn Ken

#9927 Partytime Ken, 1976
European release

nn Ken - probably a Partytime



#2960 Hawaiian Ken, 1978
The only "ethnic" Ken with this sculpt



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