I bought the Ken from one the Barbie movie, The Dolphin Magic and saw he had a new sculpt. Waited a while to get a better version as he has a crooked face and I didn't want to debox him. His eyes are off. Eventually I got one of the new body-Ken Fashionistas dolls from 2017 and he has the same sculpt. I dubbed this beach, due to my first two dolls are guys from the Sunny Side of the World in Pink. These new sculpts rarely have an official names but I need to keep them apart somehow.

Ken 'beach'
Copyright: 2016


FNH43 Fashionistas #11 - Hyped on Stripes Ken, 2016
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FJF72 Fashionistas #14 - In Black & White Ken, 2017


#GHW67 Fashionistas 139, 2019


#FBD71 Dolphin Magic 'Ken', 2016


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