In 2017 three new bodies were made for Ken, with the Slim, that is tinier and Broad that is bigger than the new "Original" Keny body. We also got new head sculpts to go with these new bodies. One is an AA head with an short cut afro - or rather crew cut, shaved in the neck. Along with the slim body it looks rather over sized. I wish the hair was painted better on the doll I received, it's a hit'n miss mostly. The top is a dark bron tone and the shaved neck a lighter brown, less/fewer paint layers perhaps, but since the non shaven part partly also has that same lighter brown shade, it just looks half done.

Fashionistas Ken Curly Crew Cut
Copyright: 2016


Fashionistas Ken

FNH41 Fashionistas #9 - Plaid on Point Ken, 2016
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