Computer programming makes new sculpts an easy task and Ken got himself a new hairdo in 2016 (copyright 2015). The face is still the same as previous caucasian sculpts, like the 2012. A neckline change called for a new date on the sculpt stamp in 2016, so depending on which neckline the doll has, the date is changed accordingly. The Fashionistas either are named Ken - or not named at all. The first ones also goes by a describing name, while the latest have nothing attached to them at all, identity wise.

Fashionistas Ken
Copyright: 2015 / 2016


Fashionistas Ken

DGY67 Fashionistas #1, Denim Blues Ken, 2015


Pink Passport Ken

DMR49 Pink Passport Ken, 2015


Fashionistas Ken, Hispanic

(also goes under the name Ryan, although he is just another no name Ken doll)

DMF41 Fashionistas #3, Stylin' Stripes Ken, 2015

Fashionistas Ken

A new neckline, same as the collector dolls of later years, called for a new -year


Fashionistas Ken

DKW45 Fashionistas #4, Checked Style Ken, 2016
(photographed in store)



FNH39 Fashionistas 7, Preppy Check, 2016

FXL63 Fashionistas 116, Game Sunday, 2018

GCD12 Fashionistas 129, Blue-White Ombre, 2019


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