This is a head I don't have too much information about. I spotted a loose doll once and figured he looked slightly different from the older Jamal faced dolls. The smile is the same but there is something different. Hairline, curls in the molded hair? No - or yes. Could be. But the biggest difference is that this guy has a younger look. His face is smoothed out. The lines not so harsh, or pronounced, as on the 1991 Jamal. The stamp says 1991 as well, so it's made from the same sculpt.

Jamal III / Steven
Copyright: 1991/2006


N4947 Beach Party! Steven, 2008
Photographed through box plastic

N4947 Beach Party! Steven, 2008
("freckles" comes from cold storage)


I don't know many dolls that has this face but here are a few:
Prince Antonio AA from Barbie and the Island Princess, and a no name black Groom

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