In 1995 we saw Shaving Fun Ken in the stores. He had rooted hair and a beard that magically came and went with hot/cold water. The face is the same as the 1990 Alan with molded hair, long or short but the head is remodeled to get rooted hair. 

Ken/Alan rooted

#12956 Shaving Fun Ken, 1994

#18898 Dr Ken (& Little Patient Tommy), 1998
Dressed in a OOAK Lappish costume

#50793 Barbie in the Nutcracker - Ken as Prince Eric, 2001

#C6464 Cali Girl Ken, 2004


Other sets where this face can be found
Ken: (Butterfly) Prince, Great Date, Cool Shavin', Big Brother (& Baby Brother Tommy), Prince (from Rapunzel), Totally Cool and many more

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