Midge's boyfriend from the 60's suddelny made an appearance in 1991. And a good thing that was, since they were getting married! Alan still had his reddish brown (molded) hair but had a brand new look with long locks and slicked ontop. Alan had brown eyes and an open, bright white smile. There was a second set planned with Alan and Midge, separately or together with their baby twins (a booklet picture showed them with a New Arrival type of babies, a boy and a girl). Alan wasn't seen in several years after this.

Alan (long hair)

#9607 Wedding Day Alan, 1990
Blurry picture is due to resizing of compressed jpeg



After Alan's disappearance Ken inherited his face sculpt, but he could be seen with this long haired version or one with a shorter hairdo. These head molds was used intermittent over a period of years with the occasionally mix of rooted hair sculpts.

#10964 Locket Surprise Ken, 1991

#13515 Winter Sports Ken, 1994


Other sets where this face can be found
Alan: Wedding Day Gift Set (6 dolls in one box)
Ken: various versions in the 1990's

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