The youngest Roberts sister is Krissy. Was Krissy. She came and went again. Krissy was sold in separate sets with a lot of toddler toys and caring items, as well as with her biggest sister, Barbie. Krissy has molded hair, that sometimes has hair rotted ontop, but mostly it is just a ribbon tied with a bow around her head, like babies have when dressed up. There are a few no named friends dolls made with this head and body mold so picking who is Krissy and who is not if found loose, might be tricky.

Copyright: 1998


#26572 Baby Layette Krissy, 1999
Krissy is wearing a crocheted outfit by Angie deBunce

#27148 Sister's Celebration (Barbie &) Krissy, 2000

(Barbie and) Krissy Stroll 'n Play 3-in1 Fun, 2001
Came along with Barbie and another kid in a two-kid-stroller

#B4769 Princess Palace Krissy, 2003
Was sold with Barbie and a small castle - I bought mine loose like this. She should wear a golden crown as well.



#26806 Baby Layette Krissy AA, 1999


Neighbor baby girl

There was a new family moving in to the Happy Family Neighborhood with two kids. One was a little baby girl with brown hair, painted and a small bun rooted ontop, and brown eyes. This kid had no name as far as I know.

#G4336 Happy Family Neighborhood - The New Neighbors, 1994


Other examples of this sculpt
All Krissy and same size kids
Also, in China adopting parents got to take home a Barbie doll with an Asian baby; "Going Home"

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