The Sunshine and Happy families was released in a second (or third) gift set and by this time the babies had grown into toddlers and got baby brothers. Sweets and Hon shared body and head molds in the same plastic as the grown dolls with poseable legs. Their eyes was also glass bulbs, like all the other family members, Sweet's blue and Hon's brown. As toddler Hon is rather hard to find, I doubt she will ever be seen here - but you never know.

Sunshine/Happy family toddler
Copyright: 1977



#2321 The Sunshine Family Fun Sweets, 1978



I got a nude doll with her grandparents and she's lost an eye. An old and batty Steven doll lent her the extra and quite nasty (half melted) eye so she wouldn't look too weird with her empty socket. She also has gotten a haircut at some point and now sports a shorter bob style. It is evenly cut at the sides, but just not fixed :)

#2321 The Happy Family Fun Hon, 1978



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