Skipper got a makeover in 2017 and started her own business, Babysitters INC. As her older Dreamhouse face has merged more and more into the Barbie Fashionistas line, Skipper had to get a new face and as a babysitter, happy with her chores, she got this face with a huge smile. When writing this I am not completely sure they all share the same sculpt, I need to have them on hand and examine their noses, but from promo photos they all look like they sport the same face. Skipper and unnamed friends come in several skintones and hair colors - and a boy. Furthermore - finally there is an Asian version of Skipper (or friend). Can't wait to find her! 

Skipper (Babysitters Inc.)
Copyright: 2016


# Skipper Babysitters Inc.,



#FHY99 Skipper Babysitters Inc., 2017
Asst. FHY97


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Skipper Babysitters INC.

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