Midge and Alan was getting married and a couple fo new characters joined the family of dolls. Flower Girl Kelly and Ring Bearer Todd was two new acquaintances in Barbie's World of Pink. They shared head mold. A closed mouth kid of about 8 years old. Both had freckles. So cute! The first set didn't tell who the kids were and rumors was that Todd might be Ken's little brother and Kelly Barbie's little sister. Or the reincarnations of Tutti and Todd, the twins from the 60's. This is the only appearance Kelly made so no, no sister of Barbie's. And Todd eventually showed to be a brother of Barbie's, twin to Stacie.



Todd was a brown haired kid with blue eyes - caucasian versions. He had a very short cut mop of hair.

#9852 Wedding Day Todd, 1990
Sold in a gift set with Kelly

#7903 Party 'n Play Todd, 1992
Box says: "Twin sister of Stacie"

#11475 Happy Meal Todd, 1993



There was only a couple black versions of Todd made, before he disappeared all together. This is the second. Both were to be found in big wedding sets, with his sisters Barbie and Stacie.

#13557 Wedding Fantasy Todd AA, 1994
Toys 'R Us special edition, gift set with Barbie and Stacie



A short lived doll in Barbie's world. Kelly was made with the Todd mold and is the only girl made with this face. She had long blonde rooted, crimped hair and freckles to her big blue eyes. She wore a dress matching Barbie's in Midge's big 6-doll wedding set - and in a separate set with Todd. Pink tulle with flocked polkadots. She shared body with Todd as well. 

#9852 Wedding Day Kelly, 1990
Sold in gift set with Todd



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