The Sunshine Fun Family and their black counterpart The Happy fun Family consisted of a Mom a Dad and a baby girl. They were made with a hard plastic body with poseable knees and faces with inserted glass eyes. All dolls had rooted hair. The Moms, Sunshine Stephie and Happy Hattie had wide cheeks and a pointy chin. Stephie had blue eyes, Hattie brown. Stephie's hair was blonde in different shades and Hattie's was black.

Sunshine Family Mom
Copyright: 1973


Sunshine Family Stephie

The Sunshine Family nn Stephie
Due to child play she has very frizzy har - ands lost her clothes!


Happy Family Hattie

#7279 The Happy Family Mom, Hattie, 1975


Star Spangled

# Indian Maiden,


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All Sunshine Family Stephie and Happy Family Hattie dolls.
The Star Spangled dolls series

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