2015 gave us a bunch of new sculpts (marked 2014). One was a cheeky smiling girl with dimples. So cute! The Fashionistas dolls don't have names from the 2014/2015 series. The collector version of this sculpt is called Neysa, from the designer of the original sculpt, Neysa Bové. This might be dubbed Neysa Playline as have other sculpts that has a playline and collector version. 

Teresa/Neysa PL
Copyright: 2014



CLL35 Style Glam Night, 2014
There is no name on the box, so technically she is "Barbie".



DTF03 Fashionistas 40, Pizza Pizzazz (Petite), 2015

DMF31 Fashionistas 29, Terrific Teal (Tall), 2015

DMF29 Fashionistas 27, Sweetheart Stripes (Curvy), 2015

DGY59 Fashionistas 18, VaVa Violet (Original), 2015

DVX72 Fashionistas 50, Emerald Check (Tall), 2016

FXL54 Fashionistas 121 Prosthetic Leg, 2018
Asst. FBR37


Barbie misc

DVF53 I Can Be, Farmer, (Tall), 2016


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