In October 2016 the 2017 line of Fashionistas was seen online and collector's were happy to see the new Millie sculpt, so far only seen in the BarbieInsta. This is a remade Millie sculpt with a closed mouth. I am still waiting for an official name of this sculpt, but for now she will go as Millie closed mouth.
December 2018: There are two different sculpts of this one as well. One collector version, smaller than the playline, but they are both marked 2015. I have yet to see a collector version myself.

Barbie/Millie closed mouth
Copyright: 2015

Doll belongs to/photo taken by and used by permission from Jaclyn Meyer


DVX71 Fashionistas 49, Double Denim, 2016

FJF35 Fashionistas 70, Pineapple Pop, 2017
Asst. FJF35



GHT92 BMR1959, 2019



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