This particular face had me stumped until I got my hands on a doll. It's yet another new sculpt from the copyright year of 2016, first seen late in 2017, in the 2018 Fashionistas series. The head is rather blown up as it first appeared on a Petite Barbie doll body. This sculpt has a big smile with a molded teeth gap. The Cheerful Check Barbie has painted teeth, but only half of the opening, so there's room for an even bigger, brighter white smile.
So far (as of January 2018) this is the only doll that has this sculpt, but I am sure more is to follow. It's getting harder and harder to name the sculpts. They can't all be called "2016 Barbie" but has to be distinguished from each other.
In 2018 Marni Senofonte designed a group of dolls, dressed in denims - and there we got a name for this sculpt: Daya - although it probably is a collector version of the same. We have yet to find out where it originates.

Barbie Daya
Copyright: 2016



FJF45 Fashionistas 80 Cheerful Check (Petite), 2017



FJF Fashionistas 87 Rockstars Glam, 2017


Marni: Daya

FJH76 Styled by Marni Senofonte, 2018
Photo by Mattel


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