The new Fashionistas line of 2016 gave us only not two new face sculpt, but also three new body types. This sculpt is so far solely seen in the Curvy dolls, with her chubby cheek and pointy chin. I find her adorable. Some people says she is a Karl sculpt but I have to disagree even if they resembles each other. I'll just go with "Curvy Closed Mouth"

Barbie, aka 'Curvy Closed Mouth'
Copyright: 2015


Fashionistas 'Curvy'

#DMF24 Fashionistas 22, Chambray Chic (Curvy), 2015

Promo photo from Mattel.

DVX70 Fashionistas 48 Daisy Pop (Curvy), 2016


Fashionistas 'Curvy'

#DTF24 Fashionistas 38, So Sporty (Curvy), 2015

DMF28 Fashionistas 26, Spring Into Style (Curvy), 2015


Fashionistas 'Curvy'

This girl is Asian looking and most consider her just that.

DVX73 Fashionistas 51, Polkadot Fun (Curvy), 2016


Fashionistas 'Curvy' AA

What a beauty!

FXL45 Fashionistas 105 - nn (Curvy), 2018



Colorings and skintones vary a lot today and a doll that was sure to be a latina in the 90's isn't neccessary so today. This girl has darker skin than most caucasian dolls but I won't put any ethnic name on her. She might just have spent man days in the sun.

DVF70 Made-to-Move Skateboarder, c2016
Doll ^^ belongs to Eva HylÚn


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