Starr was a sideline, not connected to Barbie. Later some of Barbie's friends was made with parts of these dolls. Kelley was Starr's redheaded friend in Springfield High. She shared body with Starr. Kelley had a tiny toothy smile and greeneyed side glance. She had rooted light red hair. Her face is kind of heart shaped. Which is fun because later this face was used for Heart Family Mom.

Copyright: 1979

#1281 Kelley, 1979
(Starr's friend in Springfield High School)


Heart Family Mom

The Heart Family was yet another Mattel sideline, not really connected to Barbie - other than sharing some of their features, as in bodies and faces. Mrs Heart however, was made with the Kelley face. In other countries, some versions of Mrs Heart has been seen with the Steffie face.

#9078 Heart Family - Mom (& Baby), 1985
dressed in the "pregnant" cover dress from next set.

#2415 Heart Family - New Arrival Mom, 1986
Gift set with Dad and the baby. Mom's outer dress is sewn to make her look pregnant.

Heart Family Mom
no idea which one!

#7555 Happy Family visits Disneyland - Mom, 1989



Introduced as "Cool Teen Cousin of Barbie", Jazzie made her entrance in the late eighties, made with the face sculpt of Kelley. High School Jazzie came along with as few friends of which one girl borrowed the face from Starr's other friend, Tracy. The body is a mix of Starr doll's bottoms and legs and Young Sweetheart Melinda's torso. 
Jazzie had her own sideline, with a few different doll sets and fashions, as well as participated in some of Barbie's beach fun in the nineties. There should be a total of ten Jazzie dolls released.

#3635 High School Jazzie, 1988

#3632 Teen Looks - Swim Suit Jazzie, 1988

#5473 Sun Sensation Jazzie, 1991


Other sets where this face can be found:
most of the caucasian Heart Family Moms
Jazzie: Teen Dance, Teen Looks Cheerleader, Teen Looks Workout, Sun Lovin', Teen Scene (two versions).
Jazzie part of the Barbie line: Hawaiian Fun, Glitter Beach

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