The Fashionistas got names in 2012 and Raquelle was one of the girls. SOmetimes she is Ryan's twin sister, other times his girlfriend. It's really confusing. Raquelle took over the part of Barbie's Asian friends Kira and Lea, although there isn't much Asian over Raquelle. Least her name. She does have slanted eyes and black hair, but that's it. There are just small and sudtle changes between the smiley girls of this era. They are much alike one another.


W3900 Fashionistas Raquelle, 2011
(musical purse)

X2277 Fashionistas Raquelle, 2011
("clutch box")

X2282 Fashionistas Raquelle, 2012



I have no pictures of any Raquelle faced Barbie dolls right now


CKB62 Rock'n Royals Zia, 2014



T7359 A Fairy Secret Bride, 2010


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Fashionistas Raquelle 2012-->
Barbie for President, Asian version

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