Model of the Moment was a new series of dolls introduced in the turn of the first decade of 2000. They had a new body type, called Model Muse, that was stiff and posed "model like" and made of all hard plastic. They "hang" on one hip with one leg slightly bent. Three new girls was seen of which one was the Hispanic Marisa. She came from Brazil, according to her portfolio info.
Collectors either like or hate this sculpt. There is no inbetween. She has a slightly grumpy look, like many top models have today. You don't get extra points for smiling.

Copyright: 2003

#C3821 Marisa, Pretty Young Thing, 2004
Model of the Moment


The Wizard of Oz - The Wicked Witch of the East


WOZ - The Wicked Witch of the East,


Iris Apfel

Mattel made two dolls Styled by Iris Apfel and second doll was made with the Marisa sculpt.

#FJW28 Barbie Styled By Iris Apfel #2, 2017


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