Two of the new Generation Girls of 1999 (box date 1998) shared facial features. They are different from one another but yet the same. Both dolls were made with Teen Skipper's body and ballerina arms. The blonde Tori came from Down Under/Land of Oz/Australia while Chelsie is a brittish girl with red hair and freckles. Some small talk followed them as Tori has molded studs across her earlobe. Chelsie's are less visible as they are not painted. She, on the other hand has a small, molded stud in her nose.  This is an adorable face, not often seen. Mattel refers to the face sculpt as Tori.

GG Chelsie/Tori
Copyright: 1998


Redheaded Chelsie is a young british singer/songwriter and she came to college with her guitar or drums. Chelsie was omitted from the My Room series and replaced with Mari.

#20967 Generation Girl Chelsie, 1998



Coming from Australia, Tori sailed in with her skateboard/rollerskates and snowboard. She has two toned hair in two long pigtails. Second version has blue streaks in the waffled hair. My Room Tori has red streaks. Tori was renamed Susie in Europe.

#25768 Generation Girl Tori/Susie, 1999
Second Tori, wearing GG Lara's sweater



The Mystery Squad are inspired by Nancy Drew and solves mysteries. One of the girls in the group was Drew. She was a Communications Specialist and wore a spaced outfit in pink/silver and brought some cool accessories.

#55536 Mystery Squad Drew, 2001


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