In the late nineties, just when we was about to burst into a new Millennia, Barbie went through a huge change. She got a new body and a new face. Still a toothy smile, but more "up-to-date". This is the face of Barbie of today, as well as the body type used mostly - with some changes now and then. The BBB (belly button body). Mattel calls this sculpt CEO.
Generation Girl Barbie was the first doll to use this face. Barbie also got a whole bunch of new friends, from this day and have so, ever since.

There are two generations of this sculpt. The old one, starting with the Generation Girls Barbie and used through the early 00's, the one we could call CEO today, and the GenII sculpt, used from the Fashionistas line. These days Mattel gives the sculpts new copyright years, even if there are no obvious changes to them. It's mostly size.

Generation Girl/CEO
Copyright: 1998


#19428 Generation Girl Barbie, 1999

20548 Working Woman Barbie, 1999

#24654 Pretty Flowers Barbie, 1999
was released as blonde, brunette, redhead and black ('Asha')

#29818 Enchanted Halloween Barbie, 2000

#53857(?) Fruit Style Barbie (Cherry), 2001
She could be found as blonde, redhead, brunette and black ('Asha')

#56431 Boutique Barbie, 2002
This doll came as blonde, brunette or black (Asha)

Rainbow Princess?
#26357, 1999

#50792 Barbie as The Sugarplum Princess, 2000
Barbie in the Nutcracker


Barbie Basics

#T2164 Barbie Basics Collection 001.5 - Model No 13, 2010



#B5833 Happy Birthday Barbie AA, 2003

Chic Barbie AA
Doll belongs to Eva H


#49143 Barbie in India



J0951 Hula Honey, 2008



A doll in the huge and still ongoing Fairytopia series was Joybelle. She had blonde hair with braids and fairy wings. She has rooted lashes with glitter makeup. A lot of these Fairytopia dolls had special bodies with painted "tattoos" or molded details.

Fairtopia Joybelle



Sandy from the movie Grease was also made with the GG face.

Grease - Sandy


Gen II

This sculpt is what I would call Gen II. It's wider, bigger and the dimples are not as pronounced as in previous sculpt.

J8887 Barbie as Princess Genevieve, 2005

T5500 Fashionistas Sassy, Shopping Spree, 2010

T7422 Fashionistas Glam,
(sold in a double pack with a Sporty)


Examples of other sets where this face can be found (too many to mention but a few):
Most playline Barbie dolls since 1999
Coca Cola Barbie dolls after 1999
Dolls of the World: Princess of the French Court, Princess of the Portuguese Empire, Statue of Liberty, Ireland
Cheerleader: University of Arkansas
Goldie Hawn, Heidi Klum, Faith Hill, Kate (wedding with Prince William)

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