In 1992 a new Barbie could be found. Three different dolls were released the same year (box dates of 1991) with a new slightly milder smile than the SuperStar. This sculpt has by collectors been dubbed Teen Talk although I think, according to stock numbers, she is actually the last one. Anyway. My sister bought a doll in Greece for me, so my first Teen Talk spoke greek. All of these dolls have huge eyes and hair in different structures and colors. Some are crimped, others wavy and some slightly curly. They are blonde, brunettes and redheads in lighter tones. Not so dark. Blondes in different shades if you will, from light blonde, via honey to a light sandy brown. One of these was very contraversal, saying "Match Class is Tough". They wore mix-n-match clothes in all colors and styles and patterns. We saw light pastels, dark burgundys, red and black, blues etc. Dots and flowers and tulle.
The other two (or three) dolls were Rappin' Rockin' and Snap'n Play (also came in a Deluxe set).

Teen Talk
Copyright: 1991


#5475 Teen Talk Barbie, 1991
Greek speaking

#5475 Teen Talk Barbie, 1991

#5475 Teen Talk Barbie, 1991

#5475 Teen Talk Barbie, 1991


#3248 Rappin' Rockin' Barbie, 1991


#3550 Snap'n Play, 1991


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