So far the face used the longest for Barbie. Most people got so bored with this face in the end - with all the new faces appearing but today everyone goes all oooh and ahhh when she appears on any doll. This is yet another head, rarely marked, visibly marked I should say. At least among the early releases. Eventually a stamp appeared in the neck. It has always been stated this smiley face was made from the image of the biggest actress of the time, Farrah Fawcett. She is also known for her huge and bright toothy smile and massive blonde locks. AS time went on, Barbie got to have once more, red and brown hair in a variety of shades, althogh the blonde has been and always will be, her signature color. The eyes have changed over the decades. Not the shape on the scul itself, but how she has been painted. The early years gave her plain blue eyes with simple highlights, later changed into more elaborate iris patterns, moving to the 80's where the colors varied from greenish to lavender, via the blue and into the 90's humungous eyes in all colors and shades.

Barbie SuperStar
Copyright: 1976

Pink'n Pretty Barbie

#4032 Dolls of the World - Swedish Barbie, 1982

#5359 Snöprinsessa Barbie, 1981
Scandinavian exclusive - here in a Malibu SS but she originally came in the same outfit as Eskimo Barbie.

#7093 Fabulous Fur Barbie, 1983
European exclusive

#10966 Glitter Hair Barbie, 1993
GH came as blonde, redhead, brunette and black.

#12643 Cut'n Style Barbie, 1994
C'nS came as CC in three hair colors and an AA version with the 1987 Christie sculpt
This doll has a flock in the neck, to which you attach extra hair included, to "cut and style over and over again". Well, once cut, it is...

#19268 Horse Riding Barbie, 1997
She came on a stiff legged body with articulated knee joints, high arched feet and chopchop arms.

R4543 Pop Icon Barbie, 2010
This doll has a Model Muse body



#15758 Andalucía Barbie, 1995



A few versions of P.J. could be seen with the Superstar Barbie sculpt too.

Sun Lovin' P.J.
Doll belongs to/photo taken by and used by permission from Kostas



Barbie's black friend Christie was made with the SuperStar Barbie face in three versions. These dolls may not be all ethnical, being "dipped" white dolls, but there is some model facet to her and she is highly sought after, among collectors today.
SuperStar Christie had dark brown hair with golden highlights. She came in a yellow dress with a boa. Fashion Photo Christie (which may be the hardest to find) had dark brown hair with copper highlights. Beauty Secrets Christie had black hair rooted in a curly "mop" ontop/bubble cut style, with long hair in the neck - and a special type of shoulder joint, that helped her lift her arms with a lever in the back. She also has jointed hands, which often can be broken and lost after play.
(Sorry about the dusty girls below but I haven't had the time to clean them properly and take new photos)

#9950 SuperStar Christie, 1976

#9950 SuperStar Christie, 1976

#2324 Fashion Photo Christie, 1977

#1295 Beauty Secrets Christie, 1979
Photographed through the box front plastic



I have no info about this bust as I write this. Will see what I can find. It is white plastic and I bought it with a wig among other things. It is SuperStar era and the bust is marked 1982 at the base. THis is how Barbie looks when not painted - although maybe not quite this pale. It's white.


Other sets where this face can be found
With some exceptions, almost any and all caucasian Barbie dolls from 1977 to 1998.
A lot of Store specials and collector dolls during that period.
Reproduction SuperStar Barbie dolls.

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