This is a new version of an old page - photos are the same - only bigger than before, as I dug up my old digital photos.

This is the "Klassik Kelly" compared to other kids - straight out klones or other baby dolls that often are mixed up with Kelly. Or Shelly, as she was called in Europe.


Kelly bodies

Kelly/Shelly went through some body changes and she went from the old backward/forward move legs and arms, to a pivotal arm (as in, it could be swayed out from her body), to a new body type with slanted bottom for sitting purposes to a body with jointed legs. And the swimmer/ballerina pointed toe body.



Kelly and the Klones


Kelly vs Evi


Kelly vs baby dolls

Kelly and her "sisters"
(well, Nikki is Midge's baby)



Evi Love and Klones