Baby dolls

Krissy is the most well known baby of Barbie's sisters and a lot of the babies sold are mistakenly, called Krissy. Krissy is a certain type of baby and she has a lot of predecessors. A lot of this might have to do with the fact most babies are anonymous no-name kids. Sometimes you don't even know if they are a boy or a girl.


Barbie Baby-Sits vs Krissy

The first baby in Barbie doll's world was the litte tyke to the right here. Unknown gender baby with long painted lashes. This doll has no visible markings. The arms and legs are strung with a rubber band.

Krissy AA & Barbie Baby-Sits


Sunshine/Baby-Sits body

These were all made with the same body, marked 1973, but different head sculpts.

Sunshine Baby no-name boy (or Barbie Baby-Sits), Heart Family Newborn Baby, Baby Sitter Skipper baby Kelly.


Krissy vs other Mattel babies

Krissy AA, Happy Family Midge AA newborn baby, Family Corner baby, Baby Sitter Skipper baby Kelly


Nikki vs Krissy

Happy Family Nursery Friend & Krissy AA


Kelly and her "sisters"
(well, Nikki is Midge's baby)

Sliding Fun Kelly AA, Happy Family Nursery friend, baby sister Krissy AA.


A bunch of other babies can be seen here (my Swedish blog).